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CSIO Mobile Websites40% of insurance research time was spent on mobile devices and 25% of customers used mobile devices exclusively in their research (Nielsen). As these numbers continue to rise, brokerages can take advantage of this trend with a mobile website.

CSIO Video on Mobile Websites

Learn how having a mobile website can enhance your customer reach. Featuring examples of mobile websites from brokerages across Canada.

Mobile Map - 47% of Brokerages in Canada Lack a Mobile-Optimized Website

CSIO’s interactive map illustrates the broker adoption of mobile-optimized websites across Canada. The information provided in this map is representative of the P&C broker community across Canada.

Mobile Map

CSIO White Paper

Broker Best Practices for a Mobile-Optimized Website

Customer Benefits of Mobile Sites

  • Optimize the browsing experience of potential and existing customers with easy navigation and prioritized content for quick reference
  • Increase the convenience of mobile browsing, allowing your users to access your website anywhere, anytime

Broker Benefits of Mobile Sites

  • Make it easy for potential customers to find and connect with you while on-the-go, leading to increased sales
  • Improve your mobile SEO, increasing the likelihood your site will rank well among Google mobile searches
  • Stay ahead of the curve with a mobile-optimized site

Featured Broker Mobile Site


“We chose a responsive website design since there is now a large customer base that uses their mobile devices to navigate the Internet. I strongly believe that it is illogical to not have a responsive website in 2014. The main benefit to brokers of implementing a mobile website is to offer a supplementary service to their customers. Given that many people consult websites on their mobile devices now, brokers would be alienating a significant customer base if they lack a mobile website.”

- Jules D. Picard, Co-owner - Broker, Bouchard & Associés, Solutions d’assurances inc.


How do I implement a mobile website?

To implement a mobile website for your brokerage, we encourage you to contact a web developer who has experience with mobile websites. You can easily find one by performing a Google search such as “make my website mobile” or, if you’d prefer to work with one in your area, “mobile website developer [insert name of town/city]”.  Your provincial broker association may also be able to assist you with a referral and/or additional resources in the development of your mobile website.

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