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The CSIO Certification Program promotes the efficient, seamless exchange of policy data and information within the broker channel by recognizing insurers and vendors that have implemented the standards in accordance with industry best practices.

CSIO Certification supports organizations strategic initiatives by providing guidelines and requirements for development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions.

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CL Data Standards Certification

The Commercial Lines Certification is made up of three levels, each representing a milestone in the adoption of CSIO’s Commercial Lines Data Standards. Each milestone requires a certain set of criteria to be met and once met, then members can move on to the next level. The levels are:

  • Level I – Foundation
  • Level II – Verified 
  • Level III – Certified 

Insurers and vendors complete level I individually as a self-assessment. Levels II and III require insurers and vendors to apply as co-applicants and are expected to demonstrate that their applications meet a set of criteria. Once an insurer and vendor complete the level III criteria, they are officially certified.

Level  Criteria


  1. Complete a self-assessment checklist. 
  2. Provide evidence that the minimum data set has been programmed via screenshots or XML payload.
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


  1. Provide real-time quote demonstration of test scenarios for specific industry codes.
  2. Provide raw payloads of each test case (requests and responses). 
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


  1. Provide real-time quote demonstration of random industry codes for the segment of business your organization is applying for.
  2. Provide raw payloads of each test case (requests and responses). 
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


Certification of Compliance

The Certification of Compliance recognizes those insurers who have eliminated Z-Codes from their EDI downloads. 

To get certified, CSIO will provide insurers an analysis of existing Z-Codes used at their organization and support the insurer in mapping the codes to the standards. To achieve this certification, insurers must demonstrate that they have eliminated Z-codes in their EDI downloads.

To address emerging business requirements, modifications or new coverage codes may need to be added to the standard. Insurers may submit standards requests to modify existing or introduce new coverage codes, and attend and participate in CSIO’s monthly standards working groups to discuss and approve those requests.

eDocs Certification (PL and CL)

eDocs Certification recognizes those insurers and vendors who have programmed eDocs according to the CSIO Standard. 

To get certified, insurers and vendors must demonstrate that they satisfied all of the certification criteria and pass all scenarios (outlined in the implementation guide) using CSIO XML Standards though CSIOnet. 

The eDocs technology application must demonstrate the execution of test scenarios such as single attachment, multiple attachments,and missing attachments, using their application and/or their own test environment.