CSIO Certification

The objectives of CSIO Certification are to:

  • Provide a national program to reduce the cost and risk to carriers, vendors, brokers
  • Promote the use of trusted, interoperable technology applications in the Canadian marketplace
  • Ensure standards-based solutions are uniformly implemented across the country 
CSIO Certification History
Business Activity Date Launched Eligible Members
eDocs - personal lines September 2013 Insurers, Vendors
eDocs - commercial lines August 2015 Insurers, Vendors

Benefits of CSIO Certification

  • CSIO CertificationCertification adds authority: being able to say that you comply with widely recognized and respected industry standards adds authority to your insurance information technology application.

  • Certification reduces the cost and risk to carriers, vendors, brokers and other purchasers of insurance information technology applications in Canada by promoting the use of trusted, interoperable solutions.

  • Certification demonstrates continuous improvement: certification demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you are committed to best practices and continuous business improvement.

Description of the Framework

Application Management


  • eDocs
  • Commercial Property, Liability & Automobile 
  • Personal Property, Liability & Automobile 
  • Claims Notification 
  • Billing Inquiry

* These criteria vary depending on the type of solution.


  • Risk Management
  • Data Management
  • System Security
  • Application Accreditation
  • Third Party Services

Canadian Underwriter Article

For more information about CSIO Certification, read this article that was published in the November 2013 edition of Canadian Underwriter.