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Past TSX Webinars

December 2017: User Experience (UX) Design Best Practices

November 2017: eSignatures & Call Recording for Brokers

September 2017: Password Management Tips for Brokers

June 2017: Trends 2017: Why Brokers Must Unleash their Digital Tools

June 2017: How to Protect your Brokerage from Social Engineering Tactics

May 2017: Digital Marketing & Social Media

May 2017: Social Engineering

March 2017: Increasing Your Online Presence with SEO

January 2017: Ransomware 101 for Brokers

January 2017eSignatures - Benefits & Implementation for Brokers

December 2016Cybersecurity: How to protect yourself and your company

May 2016: Security 101 for Brokers

March 2016: The Future of the Broker

January 2016: Google Analytics

April 2015: Online Presence/SEO

February 2015: eSignatures

Testimonials on Past TSX Webinars

January 2017 webinar “Ransomware 101 for Brokers” testimonials:

“Thanks for putting on the webinar. One great takeaway for me was more frequent back-ups – so simple yet something I never thought of.”

– Nicole from Oldfield Kirby Esau Inc. Insurance Brokers

“I was fortunate to attend the very informative TSX: Ransomware 101 for Brokers on Jan 26th. Overall it was a nice concise and thorough sprint through a very hot and relevant topic.”

– Pradeep from Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company

February 2017 webinar “Ransomware 101 for Brokers” testimonial:

“Was great to have our staff participate in the webinar to see for themselves how an attack can happen and how serious it can be, regardless of whether you are a small or large brokerage.”

– Marnie from RIO Insurance Brokers

March 2017 webinar “Ransomware 101 for Brokers” testimonial:

“We just completed the ransomware webinar and wanted to say it was quite informative. Thank you very much for sharing! We ended up having the majority of our staff partake.”

– Cheryl from Ledoux Lew & Patterson Insurance Brokers

March 2017 webinar “Increasing Your Online Presence with SEO” testimonial:

“Great webinar. Though we already have an SEO plan in place, I hope the brokers without a plan will heed your advice and start. Great Job Jeff and CSIO! Appreciate you sharing your insights.”

– David from Elliott Insurance Services