Ontario Chamber of Commerce Joins Call for eSlips

As reported in Canadian Underwriter, The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is the latest organization to call on the provincial government to allow insurers to offer an electronic proof of auto insurance (EPAI, or eSlips) and other insurance documents.

In a resolution passed during OCC’s annual general meeting in late April, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce called on Ontario to join Nova Scotia as the next Canadian province to allow digital insurance documents. The resolution passed after a unanimous vote by local chamber of commerce delegates at the AGM, held in Hamilton on April 26-28.

“Almost every U.S. jurisdiction allows consumers to receive proof of auto insurance electronically,” said the resolution. “Through smart regulation adoption, privacy concerns have been assuaged, with legislation that expressly outlines the scope of law enforcement’s authority when checking proof of auto insurance on an electronic device.”

In January of this year, the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance of Nova Scotia became the first (and thus far, only) regulator in Canada to permit EPAI. The required guidelines and principles for insurers and brokers to offer EPAI discuss privacy legislation and security protocols, as well as specifics of the new electronic format, which was expected to mirror what’s in the paper pink cards.

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