5 Tips for Brokers in Case of a Postal Strike

Canada Post workers may issue 72-hours’ notice of a strike at any time.

1. Have a contingency plan

Make sure you have a plan in place to handle an increase in customer inquiries, document delivery, payments.

  • Your staff should understand the changes in workflow that may happen in the event of a strike.
  • Ensure your reception is appropriately staffed and prepared for an increase in walk-in volume.
  • Contact your courier companies to discuss any changes in service levels or costs due to increased volumes.
  • Pre-order supplies to handle additional printing of documents, proof of auto liability insurance and cheques.


2. Communicate with your customers

Make sure your website, social media channels, and phone systems are updated with information your clients need to know. Ensure your customer service representatives have prepared scripts on how the strike may impact your customers. They will most likely want to know:

  • How they can get their proof of auto liability insurance.
  • If they make payments by cheque, they will want to know what other methods of payment you accept, or how they can deliver a cheque.
  • If they receive payments by cheque, they will want to know how they will receive payments during a mail disruption.


3. Switch your customers to paperless

Take this opportunity to convert your clients to paperless options to increase engagement, save effort and expenses!

  • Ask your customers to update your customer profile with their email address and confirm the accuracy of their contact information. Having client email addresses will help you maintain regular, meaningful touchpoints and deepen your relationship.
  • Talk to clients about switching to electronic policy documents to not only avoid postal disruptions, but to receive and store their documents in a convenient format.


4. Sign up for an eDelivery service

Features of the CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution Insurance include:

  • Available to CSIO members at no additional cost.
  • Features a fast setup process.
  • Integrations with many BMS vendors.
  • Allows you to send eSlips and policy documents to your customers by email. They can then store their eSlips securely on their phone’s digital wallet.

Sign up now to minimize disruption to your business and customers. Learn more and activate your account at www.csio.com/edelivery.


5. Communicate with your carrier partners

Most insurance carriers will send brokers updates to let them know what will happen if a strike occurs, including changes to their standard processes.

  • You should share that information with your staff.
  • Have additional people sign up for email updates.
  • Review any changes in process for each of your trading partners, as they could vary.