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CSIO Membership Survey

CSIO Membership Survey

You spoke, we listened! Review the CSIO action plan developed in response to valuable feedback on our 2015 survey from hundreds of broker, insurer and vendor members from across our industry.

What You Said in 2015…

What You Saw

Expand eDocs

“We haven’t seen a lot of these yet, but can’t wait until they start really rolling in.”


“We need eDocs for EVERY type of insurer communication (i.e., claim notice, memos, reminders, billing) for personal & commercial.”


“We accept commercial eDocs from all carriers who offer them. We just need more.”

Drive further adoption by promoting CSIO Certification for personal and commercial eDocs


Actively investigate expansion of eDocs to include all policy documents with member insurers

What We’ve Done in 2016

  • 30 certified solutions for eDocs in PL and CL
  • Active discussion with carrier members to expand use of eDocs for all policy documents including claims, customer copies, etc.

Enhance Resources & Tools

“Brokers and technology companies could benefit from implementation guides to ensure proper use of Industry Forms.”


“The eDocs calculator was useful in encouraging our largest insurer to implement eDocs earlier than planned, as we could show the cost saving to each of their broker partners.”


“Dashboards are very useful for comparison - please make more!”

Develop new implementation guides to support members in adopting technology


Produce dashboards to show adoption of CSIO Standards & Solutions


Produce additional white papers, webinars and savings calculators on topics identified as priorities by members

What We’ve Done in 2016


Increase Adoption of Industry Forms

 ”I use CSIO Industry Forms and Applications daily.”


“CSIO forms are very clear and easy to use. More forms would be helpful.”


“Needs to be greater emphasis on deadlines for implementation for both insurers and software vendors.”

Work with regulators, associations and industry stakeholders to encourage use of standardized forms


Renewed focus for engagement with industry stakeholders on development and maintenance of CSIO Industry Forms

What We’ve Done in 2016


Deepen Industry Collaboration

“Further development on open api technology and access to data to encourage innovation.”


“Working with BMS companies, carriers and other developers to ensure CSIO compliance and continuity across the Country.”


“Work on industry standards for eSlips.”

Creation of industry committee(s) for identification, development and approval of initiatives


Obtain consensus on, produce and promote best practice workflows

What We’ve Done in 2016

  • Collaborate with regulators to proactively identify and implement changes to industry forms as early as possible

  • Initiated new Broker Working Group to identify and resolve workflow common issues and pain points

  • Worked with Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) on implementation of eSlips, including publication of eSlips Advisory Report

Strengthen Member Communication

“I am very pleased with the changes made to in the past few years. I love having the needed information at my fingertips.”


“A lot of good information on the website, but can be slow and frustrating to find what I need.”


“I will be signing up for the newsletter email. It’s the best way to stay in touch.”

Establish monthly newsletter


Design brand-new with improved visitor experience and user functionality


Profile members who leverage technology solutions to create awareness, promote best practices and support widespread adoption

What We’ve Done in 2016

CSIO Membership Survey | Centre for Study of Insurance Operations


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