CSIO eDeliveryeDelivery allows broker and insurer members to leverage CSIOnet and eDocs to deliver personal lines policy documents to insureds through Canada Post’s epost™ platform. The solution is fast, secure and convenient, improving the customer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel.

eDelivery News

November 16, 2016 - The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators has announced that it will implement an electronic option for proof of automobile insurance (eSlips) in the first half of 2017. This is exciting news, as CSIO members sending electronic auto policies to customers will no longer be required to print and mail a duplicate paper pink slip as well. With eSlips, members may realize the full benefits of eDelivery and paperless workflow.

Benefits of eDelivery

With the launch of eDelivery on June 22, 2015, CSIO members can meet customer expectations of paperless workflow and electronic document delivery though epost™, which is already used by over 9 million Canadians. Benefits include:

Member Benefits Customer Benefits
  • Increased operational efficiency through paperless workflow
  • Standard industry pricing for significant cost savings per mail piece compared to traditional postage
  • Secure, reliable means of customer communication
  • Improved customer experience
  • Consolidation of insurance and other financial services documentation in one convenient, trusted location
  • Superior document management
  • Increased convenience
  • Free

Video: Consumer Perspectives on eDelivery & epost

Additional videoIntroduction to eDelivery

eDelivery Q & A

To learn more, view our eDelivery Q&A page.

CSIO Certification for eDeliveryCSIO Certification for eDelivery

CSIO Certification for eDelivery is available to all members.

Personal Lines eDelivery Calculator

CSIO members can use the eDelivery Calculator to calculate the potential Return on Investment (ROI) from adopting eDelivery and to determine if this innovative new solution is right for their company.

Inquire About Implementation

Please contact edelivery@csio.com and a CSIO representative will be happy to answer your questions.

eDelivery represents an exciting step for CSIO – it simultaneously makes insurance more convenient from a consumer perspective while ensuring that policy information remains secure and confidential. eDelivery takes the customer experience to the next level.” 

— Catherine Smola, President & CEO