CSIO Certification Process

Certification of Compliance

CSIO technical staff will work with carriers to map their existing Z-Codes to the standards. Additionally, to address new and emerging business requirements, carriers may submit standards requests to modify existing or introduce new coverage codes, and attend monthly working groups to participate in a national conversation to discuss and approve those requests.

eDocs Certification

The eDocs CSIO Certification process has four steps: Request, Review, Certify, and Maintain.

The diagram below provides an overview of these four steps.

CSIO Certification Process

Step 1: Request

To apply for certification for your technology application, you need to submit a completed application package that contains:

  • The Application for Certification form
  • A completed self-assessment including any supporting documentation

Step 2: Review

The review consists of two parts:

  • Document review: an administrative and expert review of the applicant self-assessment and supporting documentation
  • Demonstration: a presentation of the application by the applicant to experts, demonstrating that it meets the assessment criteria, typically via web conference

Step 3: Certify

If your technology application is successful in passing all the certification criteria, CSIO will issue you:

  • A Certification Letter, including the date of certification, and the expiry date for the certification
  • The CSIO Certification Mark (with styling guide) to be used in marketing material

At the designated date of certification, CSIO will add your application’s name to the list of certified products and post that information to the Certified Solutions page.

Step 4: Maintain

To retain your certification, you are required to notify CSIO of changes in your application as well as adverse events that may affect compliance against assessment criteria.