CSIO Certification – Frequently Asked Questions

About CSIO Certification Program

Commercial Lines Certification

Compliance Certification

eDocs Certification

What is CSIO Certification?

CSIO Certification is a national process to certify trusted, standards-based applications for a variety of insurance information technology applications.


Why should I get certified?

Benefits of getting certified include: 

  • Get recognized as an industry leader and give your company a competitive edge by being able to say that you comply with widely recognized and respected industry standards.

  • Reduce implementation cost and risk with partners of insurance technology applications in Canada by promoting the use of trusted, interoperable solutions.

  • Increase confidence between partners and stakeholders by demonstrating you are committed to best practices and continuous business improvement.
  • No additional costs to members as this is a value-add included in your membership. 


What certification programs does CSIO offer?

CSIO offers certification in:

Business Area Eligible Members
eDocs - Personal & Commercial Lines Insurers, Vendors
Certification of Compliance Insurers
Commercial Lines Certification Insurers, Vendors


Are there any fees to get certified?

The certification program is available to all members as part of their membership fee.


What happens if my application does not meet CSIO Certification?

If your application does not meet the certification requirements, CSIO will guide you with feedback towards amending your application. 


Can I promote my certification achievement?

Absolutely! All certified members will receive a CSIO Certification logo. The certification logo can be used in marketing and promotional material related to the certified application.

In addition, your organization’s achievement will be posted on CSIO’s website here


Where can I see members who have received certification? 

Certified members can be found here.


My organization is interested in certification, what do I do next?

You can review the CSIO Certification Programs for an overview of the certification process.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us.  We are happy to setup a meeting to address any questions you may have, review your current state and discuss your next steps to get certified. For more information, contact us at certification@csio.com.

Commercial Lines Certification

Why am I required to partner up for Level II and Level III?

Level II and Level III require a demonstration of real time data exchange. In order to verify data exchange is correctly enabled, one party needs to send information and its partner needs to confirm the information can be consumed.

Do I need to get certified for each business segment?

Once your organization is Level III certified, your organization will not be required to start again at Level I. We require insurers and vendors to demonstrate the functionality for each new business segment to ensure compliance.


Do I need to get certified with every partner I do business with?

No. Once you are certified, your solution should be compatible with other certified partners. 

What is the criteria for getting certified in Commercial Lines?

Level  Criteria


  1. Complete a self-assessment checklist. 
  2. Provide evidence that the minimum data set has been programmed via screenshots or XML payload.
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


  1. Provide real-time quote demonstration of test scenarios for specific industry codes.
  2. Provide raw payloads of each test case (requests and responses). 
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


  1. Provide real-time quote demonstration of random industry codes for the segment of business your organization is applying for.
  2. Provide raw payloads of each test case (requests and responses). 
  3. Signed certification letter by a senior officer of the organization.


Certification of Compliance

How do I confirm if my company is sending Z-Codes?

CSIO can provide you with a detailed analysis of existing Z-Codes used at your organization and support your team with mapping the codes to the standards. Email us at certification@csio.com for this information.

What if I need to add a new code to the standard?

You may submit standards requests to modify existing or introduce new coverage codes, and attend and participate in CSIO’s monthly standards working groups to discuss and approve those requests.

What is the criteria for getting Certification of Compliance?

To get Certification of Compliance, insurers must then demonstrate that they have eliminated Z-codes in their EDI downloads.


eDocs Certification

What types of eDoc Certfication are available?

There are 4 types of eDoc Certification available: Billing, Claims, Personal Lines and Commercial Lines. Certification requirements are customized to the business type.  


What type of connectivity is required for eDocs?

Your solution will be required to send eDoc messages to CSIOnet. Your test environment can be used for certification and will need to connect to WS-Send or use SMTP to server port 25.

All messages generated as part of the test cases are expected to pass the following general SMTP or Web Services and XML validations. Criteria is required for the envelope structure as well as the XML schema.


How are the test scripts validated?

The test script is intended to specify business outcomes, rather than detailed system requirements. Organizations will receive a Pass/Fail based on the expected outcomes described in implementation and certification packages.


What is the criteria for getting certified in eDocs?

To get certified, insurers and vendors must demonstrate that they satisfied all of the certification criteria and pass all scenarios (outlined in the implementation guide) using CSIO XML Standards though CSIOnet.