CSIO 2019 Members’ Meeting Features Keynote Speaker Charles Dugas, Head of Insurance at Element AI

(Toronto – March 5, 2019) CSIO is pleased to announce Charles Dugas, PhD, Head of Insurance at Element AI as the keynote speaker for the 2019 CSIO Members’ Meeting and Reception. The annual meeting takes place on Tuesday, April 16 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto.  

Charles Dugas holds a B.Sc. in Actuarial Science, a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning. Charles has over 20 years’ experience developing and implementing analytical solutions in financial services. 

During his keynote address, AI: Setting the Stage for Systems of Intelligence, Charles will be discussing how insurance companies need to understand AI’s possibilities in order to develop and implement a strategic vision and roadmap for the rollout of artificial intelligence capabilities across their organizations. 

While insurance is a data-driven industry, new technology capabilities are bringing tremendous volumes of data into the hands of insurers. AI can help analyze that data to improve decision making processes to streamline workflows and enhance the customer experience. 

Element AI is at the forefront of building human-centric AI products that help companies perform with more accuracy and efficiency, allowing employees to focus on higher level decision-making. Recently named Canada’s fastest growing tech firm, Montreal-based Element AI was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Jean-François Gagné and worldrenowned deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio. Its vision is to partner with academic and business communities to turn collaborative research into products that solve real world problems.  

“As a recent CSIO member, Element AI understands the value of data standards in the AI space,” says Catherine Smola, President & CEO of CSIO. “We are thrilled to have Charles as our keynote speaker, and look forward to hearing his insights at our Annual Members’ Meeting.” 
2019 CSIO Members’ Meeting & Reception Details 
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019  
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm  
Location: Shangri-La Hotel  Museum and Rosedale Rooms, 3rd Floor 
188 University Avenue, Toronto  Registration is complimentary for CSIO members. View full event details and RSVP here.  


About Element AI 
Element AI delivers AI software products that augment decisions to make businesses safer, stronger, and more agile. Element AI is headquartered in Canada with offices in Montreal, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Seoul and is funded by leading investors including BDC Capital, Data Collective, Fidelity Investments Canada, Hanwha Investment, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, National Bank, NVIDIA GPU Ventures, Real Ventures, and Tencent. http://www.elementai.com

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