XML Standards

CSIO Extensible Markup Language (XML) data standards are designed to efficiently transport and store insurance policy data between brokers and insurers. XML standards are both human- and machine-readable and enable efficient use and reuse of data among businesses that are both producers and consumers of data.

Note: Access to download CSIO standards is only available to insurance company and software provider members. However, a summary of changes to the latest standards release, available to all members, can be accessed here.

Most recent XML standards update

1.41.0 - July 2021


Package | Summary of Changes

XML standards download

To download the CSIO XML standards, please visit our Download XML Standards page.

How do I request a change to the standards?

Can’t find a CSIO code? Need a new code or want to propose enhancements to the CSIO standards? Then simply submit a Standards Request here.

Working groups and MRs

Your organization can participate in the development of CSIO XML standards by sending a representative to the national standards working groups. The representative should have experience with CSIO standards and be very comfortable with the business requirements of your organization.

To make a change to the CSIO XML standards, complete a maintenance request (MR) and it will be addressed at an upcoming working group.

XML eDocs

The successful implementation of the eDocs standard – developed by CSIO – has generated a lot of excitement in the insurance industry. CSIO recognized brokers’ needs and developed the standard for the eDocs process in just a few months. This process saves brokers time and money by allowing policy documents (usually PDFs) to be downloaded directly from an insurer’s system to a broker’s BMS via CSIOnet. The transmitted documents are then stored automatically in the broker’s BMS without the need for manual intervention.

The XML message to support eDocs is the “ActivityNoteRs” message, which can be found in our XML standards releases. The standard change to allow XML eDocs on CSIOnet can be found in the C110 – CSIO Transmission Session Options [DOC] part of the standards.

The latest version of the eDocs Implementation Guide can be downloaded on the Training & Supporting Documents page.


CSIO FACT: EDOCS is an XML message transmitted over CSIOnet.


What is available in the CSIO XML standards?

One of the major advantages of XML is that it has standards for all lines of business, including Personal Lines, Commercial Lines and Claims. CSIO XML standards include business messages used to exchange information between insurance companies and brokerages. The messages are for the following business areas:

  • Commercial Property, Liability & Automobile
  • Personal Property, Liability & Automobile
  • Claims Notification
  • Billing Inquiry
  • eDocs (Activity Notes)

CSIO also provides these XML-related materials:

  • EDI to XML mapping documents
  • Form to XML mapping documents
  • XML data samples
  • Guidelines to assist with element interpretation

Please contact standards@csio.com to inquire about any of these materials.

Learn more about XML

Visit the Training & Support page to see which XML-related courses and webinars are being offered by CSIO.