Study: Canadian Insurers Fall Short of Customers’ Digital Expectations

In its inaugural 2019 Canada Insurance Digital Experience Report, J.D. Power highlighted results from a recent study which evaluated digital consumer experiences among P&C insurance shoppers. The study was conducted in a partnership between J.D. Power, a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics and Centric Digital, a leader in digital intelligence.

The report found that Canadian P&C insurance companies are falling short of customer expectations in three main areas: digital self-service tools, customer service channels and omni-channel integration.

According to Canadians surveyed, the P&C insurance channel lacks digital maturity and as a result, insurance shoppers are open to exploring offers from alternative providers, including digital native companies like Amazon, Google or Uber.

While the P&C industry is improving in their digital skills and offerings, there is still an opportunity to grow and truly meet the needs of Canadian insurance customers that is found in other industries.

“Canadian P&C insurers are on the right path,” said Peter Smith, Chief Strategy Officer at Centric Digital. “They have made significant progress in web design but lack the industry-specific capabilities many U.S. insurers offer. Additionally, many Canadian P&C insurers fail to create experiences that meet or exceed consumer expectations established in other industries. This report provides valuable insights to help insurers bridge this experiential divide.”

Read the full press release for key findings of the 2019 report