Send eSlips with the Click of a Button

Since the My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution launched in February, free to CSIO members, hundreds of brokers have created accounts to send digital documents and eSlips to personal and commercial lines customers.

To help brokers bring eDelivery into their daily workflow, the solution supports integration with broker management system (BMS) vendors. With integration, brokers can send documents to their customers with the click of a button in their BMS!

Throughout 2018, many BMS vendors have gone live with integration, bringing streamlined eDelivery workflow to most brokers across Canada. Applied TAM is the latest, joining Deltek, Keal SIG, Mastercom, Policy Works, and Power Broker.

“The BMS integration workflow is so simple. You click the button, and up pops the option to send documents for one vehicle, all their vehicles, or even fleet - it’s three clicks and it goes. No double-entry. I can’t imagine it takes even 30 seconds to do. It’s pure ease.”

– John Pino, VP Operations & Industry Relations, Macleod Lorway


Want to know if your BMS has integrated My Proof of Insurance? See our BMS Integration chart for the most up-to-date information and sign up for your account today!

Driving customer satisfaction

Over 50% of Canadian consumers expect digital interactions with their insurance broker – from online chats to eSignatures to eSlips. That number jumps to over 70% for millennials. Brokers need to provide digital options to their customers to keep pace with evolving consumer expectations.

“Customers really like it. It still has the cool factor, too. How many people have expired liability cards in their glove box, so you get pulled over and it’s a problem? So this will keep them up to date. I have it on my own phone – it’s just so simple.”

– John Pino


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