IBC Launches New Video Highlighting Paper Pink Slips as 'Outdated Technology'

The Insurance Bureau of Canada recently developed a new video campaign highlighting how paper pink slips are behind the times. Titled “IBC’s Museum of Outdated Technology”, the video depicts a woman visiting the MOOT exhibits, ranging from a manual typewriter to a 1980s cellphone, ending with a display on paper pink slips and policy documents. The video was launched in June.

A 2018 IBC survey found that 74% of consumers want their insurance documents electronically. The MOOT video uses humour to show that insurance needs to move with modern times and that consumers should be allowed access to digital options. This is very much in line with CSIO’s message that consumers expect to have a choice in how to receive insurance documents, including proof of auto insurance. The video is part of the IBC’s It’s Time for Change campaign, and uses the hashtag #MOOTInsurance.

Click on the image below to watch the video on YouTube.