Helping Business Leaders Evolve their Digital Culture

While CSIO recently held its inaugural virtual annual governance meeting, many members were looking forward to hearing the keynote address on digital disruption by Gerald Kane, Ph.D., best-selling author of “The Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation.”

CSIO is very pleased that Dr. Kane agreed to collaborate on an eLearning course based on the keynote address that he planned to deliver at the CSIO Annual Members’ Meeting. The one-hour accredited course, Digital Disruption and the Technology Fallacy, is an engaging exploration of the concept of a digital enterprise, and what digitally maturing companies have in common. This course is ideal for business leaders who want a deep dive into how to develop a digital culture.

About the Course
Dr. Kane provides in-depth insights gleaned from a four-year study undertaken by Deloitte Digital in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review to understand how digital businesses are evolving. Dr. Kane was also one of the co-authors of this study. In addition to being a visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Business, he is also a Professor of Information Systems and the Director of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Centre for Entrepreneurship at Boston College.

CSIO members who take this course will learn about the connection between digital transformation and what the study authors coin the “Technology Fallacy:” the mistaken belief that because business challenges are caused by technology, they can only be solved by technology.

Digitally mature companies understand that developing internal talent, offering them learning opportunities and developing them into strong leaders will help them to thrive in the shifting environment. The study surveyed over 16,000 respondents in 157 countries, and conducted interviews with 70 thought leaders, asking themselves to evaluate themselves on their digital maturity.

While the study was conducted between 2014-2018, Dr. Kane provides additional key insights from a follow up 2019 report on accelerating digital innovation. With the changes to today’s business landscape and the lasting impact of social distancing measures, developing a digital culture is critical to connecting with clients and adapting to the new normal.

About CSIO Digital Broker eLearning Program
CSIO continues to support our members during this challenging time by continuing to release additional courses in its Digital Broker eLearning Program. Available online and on-demand to accommodate busy schedules, the program offers a variety of free, interactive one-hour courses that help insurance professionals expand their knowledge of insurance technology and stay up-to-date on digital trends.

The program supports CSIO’s mission to increase the adoption of technology in the broker channel. This course is accredited in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and is pending approval in Ontario.

“As companies have been forced to digitally innovate by this Coronavirus situation, we find that most, if not all of these lessons apply for helping your company deal with digital disruption: Whether it be from a competitor or a worldwide pandemic, the lessons still apply.” 

– Gerald Kane, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Harvard School of Business