Calculate How Much eDocs Can Save You

The benefits of eDocs are well known – they save time and money, improve customer service and facilitate paperless workflows. Try our calculator and see how much your brokerage can save from using eDocs.

The CSIO eDocs Savings Calculator is a tool to help you quantify the time and financial savings of adopting eDocs, and to encourage more adoption among brokers.

How Does the Calculator Work?

The calculator uses data based on variables within your own brokerage operations – employee-hours, salaries and resources spent manually processing documents or accessing them from insurer portals. It also includes costs such as storage and shredding. With a few calculations, it instantly provides numbers indicating:

- time saved per variable on a daily, monthly and annual basis

- money saved per variable on a daily, monthly and annual basis

“The calculator was very easy and intuitive to use,” says Tracy McDonald, President of Lake of the Woods Insurance. “The numbers I needed to plug in were simple to obtain and it provided me with compelling results that enabled me to see exactly how beneficial eDocs have been to my brokerage.”

What’s In the Calculator?

We reached out to broker members to conduct detailed interviews on the time requirements and costs of paper- and portal-based workflows. With their help, we identified the variables that benefit most from eDocs. An interface was built to allow members to enter the values particular to their operation, and the resulting calculator is available to all CSIO members today.

Try the eDocs Savings Calculator


Why switch to eDocs?

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