Brokers Exceed Client Expectations with My Proof of Insurance

More and more brokers are signing up to send digital policy documents and proof of auto insurance (eSlips) though the My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution. But what do brokers think about the experience? What are the benefits, and how easy is it to set up and get going? CSIO spoke to member brokers to hear what they had to say about My Proof of Insurance.

The brokers:

Q: What are the benefits of My Proof of Insurance to your customers and your brokerage?

SG: Customers love it. They like the ease of it, how fast they get it, that it’s right on their phone. They realize [in Ontario] we still have to follow up with a paper pink slip. Personally, I’m a client too, and I love it on my phone. And the fact that you can share it with other people who use your vehicle, that’s great as well. The emails look great, very professional on a phone or tablet. It’s the wave of the future, it’s what our clients want. We have to get on board. I love this solution. 

JP: With eSlips, customers have their liability card on them all the time. People don’t go anywhere without their phones today. We put on our Facebook page that we offer this service, and we actually have clients contact us and ask if we could send it that way.

I even did it for myself for my ATV. It’s so much easier when you’re just trying to pack up and go to have the card on my phone than worry about whether I have the paper card on me.

AR: It’s instant to customers. We print it out and follow up with paper, but it’s just so convenient. Our brokers don’t have to print the pink card, scan it, write a separate email, and send it. Everything is right there in the solution.

Q: How was the process of signing up and getting started?

AR: We did the CSIO webinar that went through all the information about My Proof of Insurance, we signed up right away, and haven’t had any issue with it at all. It’s one of the most painless technology solutions we’ve done in a long time. Easy for all of us to learn, and it’s an easy tool to use.

JP: The system is super easy to use. I like how I can see how many emails and eSlips we’re sending and which employees are using it.

SG: There were no real challenges in getting set up. The integration piece works well with our BMS, too. If there’s an email address for the client, you just click a button and it fills in all the information and the message goes through. 

Q: Do you have advice for brokers who are waiting for BMS integration or regulatory approval of eSlips before signing up?

JP: I think if you don’t sign up, you’re missing out on an opportunity to service your clients in a way that a changing world expects. The millennials coming up are very tech-savvy – even people in their 30s and 40s and 50s are tech-savvy, and we want to deliver to them what they want and what they need.

AR: I wouldn’t wait. Everybody seems to be happy with it. Even without BMS integration, it’s a couple of extra steps to put your information into the eSlips, but it’s just so easy for the client.

SG: You can send eSlip, you can send documents, it’s an easy product to use, and you’re ready for when the regulations come in even if you don’t have the integration piece. You and your staff can be ready for to provide your clients what they need.

Ready to sign your brokerage up for My Proof of Insurance?