National Standards (XML & EDI) Working Groups

As the industry is quickly evolving, the XML and AL3 (EDI) standards need to be consistently updated in order to keep moving insurance information forward in the P&C industry.  Monthly standards working groups offer an opportunity for members to voice ideas that they have about how the XML and EDI standards can be improved and allow our members to implement approved codes immediately following each working group.

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Maintenance requests

XML and EDI standards updates are derived from maintenance requests (MRs), which are then discussed at the appropriate working group. New codes and enhancements can be submitted using the Standards Request tool.

To learn more about the standards MR process, click here.

Frequency and length

The national standards working groups tend to last one (1) hour in length and are held via web conference. Standard working groups are held the first Tuesday of every month from 2-3pm EST. Register here.


You can view the minutes from past CSIO national standards working groups by visiting the Standards Working Groups Minutes page.

Lines of business

EDI standards tend to cover only Personal Lines, whereas XML has standards for all lines of business, including Commercial Lines and Claims.

Target audience

If your organization has an assigned standards representative, they would be ideal for CSIO standards working groups. The representative should have experience with CSIO standards (XML and/or EDI) and be very comfortable with the business requirements of your organization.

Standards working groups are fairly technical in nature. XML and EDI technical experts are welcome at standards working groups.


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