Forms Working Groups

CSIO industry forms help keep brokers, insurers and software providers on the same page by providing a consistent means of documenting insurance policy information. Without standardized forms, brokerages and companies would have to find ways of combining different proprietary forms. CSIO standardized forms save you this time and effort so you can concentrate on what’s really important – serving your customers.

Target audience

Forms working groups are not very technical in nature; therefore, sending IT professionals from your organization to a forms working group isn’t usually the best choice. Forms working groups volunteers do not need to have specialized technical knowledge.

Underwriters from insurance companies and broker producers are especially welcome at the forms working groups. Specialty underwriters who understand the strategic vision of their company are also welcome. Insurance professionals who actually use CSIO standardized forms in their day-to-day work are ideal for forms working groups.

Maintenance requests

Forms standards updates are derived from maintenance requests (MRs), which are then discussed at the appropriate working group.


You can view the minutes from past CSIO forms working groups by visiting the Forms Working Groups Minutes page.

Lines of business

CSIO industry forms cover both the Personal and Commercial Lines of P&C insurance.

Industry forms in Personal Lines are more prevalent than Commercial primarily because they are inherently easier to standardize. There is more fragmentation in Commercial Lines, i.e. many different types of businesses to accommodate in the forms. But CSIO recognizes the importance to the broker channel of developing the Commercial Lines standards and will release more Commercial industry forms as members show demand for them and participate in the working groups.

CSIO Fact: the largest line of business for CSIO forms is Automobile Personal Lines; these applications are regulated by the provinces.



An average forms working group tends to last one (1) hour in length and is held via web conference.

How to participate

CSIO greatly values the participation of its members in the forms working groups. Please consult the Upcoming Events page and register for any upcoming working groups that look relevant to your organization.

Please remember to select someone from your organization who has business knowledge regarding forms development to attend the forms working groups.


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