Benefits of CSIO Membership

As the insurance industry continues to face new challenges with ever-growing competitive demands - now more than ever - we need to excel at how we manage the information that drives our businesses. The need to develop faster, better and cheaper methods of collaboration and data sharing has never been greater.

The CSIO partnership was a meaningful one with us and really spearheaded our going into Canada.

Mike Furlong CEO and Co-founder, Indio Technologies


CSIO plays a leadership role in providing an open forum for our members to collaborate on developing and enhancing data standards. CSIO members seek ways to improve the competitiveness of the broker channel as the P&C industry continues to evolve. Brokers who are members of their provincial broker association are automatically members of CSIO and can take advantage of the benefits of a CSIO membership:


CSIOnetCSIOnet provides a fast and secure way of exchanging policy information between brokers and insurers. CSIOnet serves over 38,000 brokers across Canada. Bilingual support staff ensure that all CSIO members have reliable access to this robust service. Learn more about CSIOnet in this video.


My Proof of Insurance eDelivery

Say good-bye to paper! The My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution enables members to send digital policy documents for personal and commercial lines, including proof of auto insurance (eSlips) to consumers over email, at no additional cost.


Resources & Tools

CSIO Advisory Services CSIO Resources & Tools provide educational materials including articles, videos, webinars and tools on various technology solutions for your brokerage. Topics include eSignatures, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Websites and more.


Industry Forms

CSIO Industry Forms Exclusive online access to over 100 industry fillable forms including applications, certificates, loss notices, questionnaires, and supplement documents covering various lines of business. Also available are mapped forms, showing how data captured by form fields correspond to elements in the data standards.


Data Standards and Working Groups

CISO Standards Get exclusive online access to download the CSIO eDocs, XML, and EDI data standards. A core service provided by CSIO is the maintenance and creation of data standards. Monthly standards working groups offer an opportunity for members to add new codes and enhancements to the standards and allow members to implement approved codes immediately following each working group.


Training & Support

CSIO - training and supportCSIO offers training webinars on the XML and EDI standards. These one-hour training sessions provide:

  • Foundational knowledge on CSIO standards, transaction design and workflow
  • Tips for a successful implementation
  • Showcases of innovative uses of the standards that can benefit brokers, insurers and software providers

Additional supporting documents are also available.



CSIO - networking Join the diverse CSIO network, made up of 90+ carriers, 2,500+ brokerages and 30+ software vendors. Carriers and software vendors can benefit from access to a large community of insurance professionals who have experience using the latest standards and digital tools.

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Steve Whitelaw

“When there is an association, it’s important to be an active member of the association, so you can help improve it and influence change rather than sitting on the sidelines and being critical. It’s the same as voting in an election. If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to gripe. If you vote, then you can voice an opinion. So, I think it’s important for all the industry associations to become actively involved and help drive the industry, be it from an IBC level or from a CSIO level.”

- Steve Whitelaw, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Execution, Travelers Canada and CSIO Chair