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CSIO FormsCSIO saves brokers and insurers time and money by creating standardized industry forms that provide a consistent means of documenting insurance policy information.

CSIO creates and maintains standardized forms on behalf of the entire Canadian P&C insurance industry. The forms are available only to CSIO members, including brokers who are members of their provincial association.

For endorsement forms such as OPCFs, SEFs and QPFs, please visit your provincial authority’s website.

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To help better organize our forms, we have placed abbreviations before them so that you can immediately identify what type of form it is. Use this legend as a guide:

AF for authorization form

App for application


Cert for certificate

CR for change request

Link for external link

LN for loss notice Qs for questionnaire Supp for supplement  

CSIO FormsPersonal Lines - Automobile

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

Alberta App: Automobile 2014/01
App: Standard Garage 2007/09
Supp: Consent 2006/07
New Brunswick App: Automobile 2014/01
Newfoundland and Labrador

App: Automobile

Nova Scotia App: Automobile 2014/01
Northwest Territories App: Automobile 2014/01
Nunavut App: Automobile 2014/01
Ontario  AppAutomobile 2016/06
Prince Edward Island App: Automobile 2015/10
Quebec App: Automobile 2014/03
Yukon App: Automobile 2014/01
Other AF: Vehicle Inspection 2009/08
Cert: Motor Vehicle Liability Cards (Different) 2002/09
Cert: Motor Vehicle Liability Cards (Same) 2002/09
CR: Automobile 2006/09
LN: Automobile 2006/09

CSIO Forms Personal Lines - Property & Liability

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

App: Habitational 2015/04
App: Personal Liability Umbrella 2013/03
Binder: Property 2008/03
CR: Add Named Insured 2013/03
CR: Habitational Policy 2006/09
LN: Property 2006/09
Qs: Fuel Oil Tank 2014/07
Qs: Sewer Backup 2008/03
Qs: Solid Fuel Heating 2010/09
Supp: Habitational Premium Summary 2008/03
Supp: Mobile Home 2010/09
Supp: Personal Articles 2008/06
Supp: Vacation Trailer 2010/09
Supp: Watercraft and Trailer 2008/06

CSIO Forms Commercial Lines - Automobile

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

Commercial Vehicle Supp: Commercial Vehicle 2012/06
Supp: Public Commercial Vehicle 2012/06
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule 2012/09
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule - A 2013/01
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule - B 2012/09
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule - C 2012/09
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule - D 2013/01
Supp: Commercial Vehicle Schedule - E 2012/09
Vehicle Fleet Cert: Liability Card (Different) 2002/09
Cert: Liability Card (Same) 2002/09
Supp: Driver Schedule 2006/03
Supp: Quote 2006/03

CSIO Forms Commercial Lines - Property & Liability

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

Commercial Insurance App: Commercial General Liability 2013/04
App: Commercial Insurance Application 2013/05
App: Commercial Umbrella Liability 2013/03
App: Builders’ Risk 2013/09
Supp: Articles 2012/11
Supp: Contractors’ Equipment 2013/09
Other Cert: Liability Insurance 2010/09
Cert: Property Insurance 2011/09
LN: Property & Liability 2012/12

CSIO FormsFarm

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

App: Farm 2011/09
Supp: Farm Premium Summary 2012/09
Supp: Farm Structures & Contents 2009/09
Supp: Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tack, Tools, Misc. 2009/09
Supp: Farm Chemicals & Fertilizers, Feed, Grain and Produce 2009/09
Supp: Farm Livestock Confined


Supp: Farm Livestock Non Confined


Supp: Farm Diagram 2009/09

CSIO FormsMiscellaneous

Effective Date (YYYY/MM)

National AF: Payment & Pre-authorized Debit 2010/06
CR: Cancellation Reinstatement 2001/10
Alberta CR: Cancellation Reinstatement 2001/10

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