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Standards | eDocs
Standards | eDocs

eDocs - Enabling Streamlined and Efficient Broker Workflows

Many brokers and insurers from across Canada have already implemented CSIO XML eDocs and the adoption rate is increasing as they learn about the substantial benefits of the standard.

What's New in eDocs?

Gore Mutual Insurance Company Obtains CSIO Certification for eDocs

The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) is pleased to announce that Gore Mutual Insurance Company has achieved CSIO Certification for its eDocs solution. Read more

CSIO Releases eDocs Savings Calculator

The eDocs Savings Calculator allows brokers to calculate the daily, monthly and yearly time and cost savings gained by implementing eDocs. Read more

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eDocs Savings CalculatoreDocs

This calculator allows brokers to:

  • Calculate the daily, monthly and yearly cost savings gained with eDocs
  • Calculate the daily, monthly and yearly time savings gained with eDocs
  • Quantify, with hard numbers, why brokerages should implement eDocs

Video: Leveraging eDocs in Gore Mutual's Paperless Environment

CSIO Certification for eDocsCSIO Certification Mark

CSIO is offering CSIO Certification to technology vendors and insurance carriers for eDocs insurance solutions.

Latest eDocs Implementation Guide

This guide provides the necessary information to support an initial implementation of eDocs using CSIOnet. The document targets the developers and analysts responsible for an eDocs deployment.

Access XML eDocs Implementation Guide on the Standards Training and Supporting Documents page [requires login].

eDocs Dashboard

Which insurers have released eDocs and to which markets? This dashboard will keep you informed. Check back often, as regular updates will be made.

Please email standards@csio.com if you notice missing or outdated information in the table below.

L = Live with all brokers using this vendor, regardless of BMS version

Insurer Broker Management System
  Applied CSSI


Keal Zycomp
Aviva Canada Inc.
L L   L L
Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group         L
Economical Insurance
Germania Mutual Ins. Co.
  L     L
Gore Mutual Ins. Co.
L L   L L
Grenville Mutual Ins. Co.         L
The Guarantee Company of North America L3 L3   L3 L3
Halwell Mutual Ins. Co.         L
HTM Ins. Co.         L
Intact Insurance
Kent & Essex Mutual Ins. Co.         L
The Kings Mutual Ins. Co. L L   L L
Lambton Mutual Ins. Co.         L
Northbridge Insurance L L   L L
The North Waterloo Farmer's Mutual Ins. Co.         L
Peace Hills General Insurance Company
L L    L L
Portage La Prairie Mutual Ins. Co.
L L   L L
RSA Canada
L L   L L
SGI Canada
  L   L L
Unica Insurance L L   L L
Travelers Canada L L   L L
Trillium Mutual Ins. Co.         L
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company   L   L  L
Westminster Mutual Ins. Co.         L

1 Available in Quebec only.
2 Available in all provinces except Quebec.
3 Available in Ontario only.

eDocs Testimonials

"Before CSIO eDocs, we’d have to ask the client to hold on while we logged into the portal, looked up their file and downloaded their copy of the document. That’s a 60-90 second process. With eDocs, it’s instantaneous because it’s right on the activity log in the BMS. So we’d pull it up in literally seconds."

Rick Dresher

-Rick Dresher, President, Affiliated Insurance in A Broker's Success with eDocs [PDF], Ontario Broker (April 2013)

"The CSIO working groups were instrumental in developing the XML eDocs standard because they allowed us to bring together insurance professionals from across the industry.”

Hans Gantzkow
-Hans Gantzkow, Senior Architect and Analyst, CSIO

How do I implement eDocs?

Contact your BMS vendor and ask about implementing the CSIO eDocs standard to realize the benefits of improved efficiency, customer service and profitable growth.

Gore Mutual Insurance Company Obtains CSIO Certification for eDocs